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Amazing Woodsy Outdoor Backyard Wedding

This wedding is AMAZING! It's a perfect blend of outdoor woodsy and classic beautiful! A little Game of Thrones and some Twilight all in one! This wedding is all outdoors and was at the brides mothers property, which was her mothers property before that. One of the BEST ceremony spots that would beat out ANY wedding venue around! Hands down! Everything was perfect!

We are all about the first looks!!!

This ceremony spot is just STUNNING! It was perfect for our first look and most of our photos throughout the day!

This might be one of my very favorite moments of this wedding. The brides son walked his grandma down the aisle, and she asked him to twirl her down the aisle. So so sweet!

Love when the groom looks like this at his bride!

There were lots of laughs during this ceremony! Lots! And we captured them all!

Yes...all the laughs...