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Beautiful Wedding at The River Mill

I'm so excited to share this beautiful wedding with you! It is such an awesome hidden away venue, when we walked up we were so excited to start photographing. This venue is a perfect mix of light and airy outdoors and the structured brick aesthetic is amazing! The couple is one of my favorites from this year, their English and New Zealand accents had me smiling all day long just listening to them all! Every photo of this English beauty is stunning and her smiling handsome groom made this wedding a dream! EnJOY!!!

When you start of with a background like this for the dress,

you know it's going to be a beautiful day!

The moment the bride did this, I knew even thought I had just met her for the first time,

I was going to love her!

Getting a kick out of having someone put her shoes one. She was feeling pretty fancy, like a princess.

We decided to do a few family formals sitting in this beautiful spot...

And who doesn't love a fun sibling photo!

These photos of the bride are amazing!

It's time foe the "I do's!!!"

The recessional is ALWAYS my favorite moment of the entire wedding day!

Wedding Party!!!

These are just the best bride and groom photos! They are just stunning! Can you believe these only took 15 minutes??? I had never photographed these two, and had never been to this venue before, we just spent about 5 minutes in each area! Had to get these to back to the party!

And now...the party!!!

Wedding details:

Photographed by Joy and Dina

Venue: The River Mill French Camp

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