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Awesome. Cool. And A Little Crazy Wedding!!!

So we had a few 1st's at this wedding! This cool and crazy couple were one of my favorite this year! They were so fun and added so many different aspects to their wedding that made it totally individually theirs! From the most gorgeous bouquet copied from her mother wedding petaling bouquet in the 70's, to the Alpaca's that came to visit during cocktail hour, and this venue is so great! And who doesn't LOVE T-Rex's dancing and delivering Taco's for a late night snack! Just the best wedding!!!

This dress with this backdrop is just the best!

And what about these shoes!

The back of this dress is stunning.

Here comes the groom!

Ready for the First Look in the lavender field.

This venue is the best!

I love the color of this!

Again...THIS DRESS!!!!

These girls! I just love this mismatched look!

And so much fun to photograph!

The individual bridesmaids shots with the bride are always so awesome!