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A photograph is …a moment in the present, captured for the future, to look back at the past.

A photographer is… the one who sees all three- in the same moment.

This is my take on wedding photography: precious are these moments, so much so, that a bride will look back on them and remember how happy that day was, how care free her love was, maybe even how small her waistline was when people wouldn't otherwise believe her. These are the moments that a bride and her spouse will look back at when they have a rough patch and they may be forgetting why they ever tied the knot in the first place. Even for some brides, because life is unpredictable, these could be the last memories they have with a mother, or a father, a friend, even their own husband. These are the captured memories that will be passed down to her children, and her grandchildren and the generations to come, to remember who she was or even learn about her for the first time because they never got to meet her. How would you want them to envision this day? Making a decision on your wedding photography is making a decision of how your wedding will be remembered for a lifetime.


Joy "showing" the groom how to hold his new wife!

Joy is the creator/owner of A Moment of Joy Photography. She is a photographer for all off season and fall weddings. She is the Content Creator (creating video content for our clients for Instagram and for wedding vendors) for all weddings. She is the editor of all photo taken by all photographers for a consistent look throughout every wedding. She handles all the day to day business operations and is the person of contact for all weddings.


A little background of how A Moment of Joy Photography came about. Joy has been a photographer all of her life. She was the one behind the camera in junior high as she  told her friends to jump up in the air for a photo! Then in high school, her prom date and her skipped her prom and just went to fancy place to take photos of each other.  


16 years or so ago, as a favor, she photographed her first wedding for a family member. When looking at the photos for the first time, everyone realized she had a natural gift for capturing moments between people. She then quickly enrolled in every photography class SCC had to offer so her technical ability could catch up to my natural ability.

For the next few years she did tons of family shoots and did a few weddings here and there for friends and family. She finally did her first "REAL" wedding and she was hooked! She loves everything about weddings! 

She went full time in 2009 and has photographed over 800 weddings all over Sacramento, Tahoe, Monterey Bay, San Francisco and many different venues in between. She has photographed various venues including beaches, winery's, barns, firehouses, hotels, gardens, country clubs, golf courses, backyards and mansions. She has also photographed full Catholic weddings, Christian, Indian and Afghan weddings and many different kinds of weddings from the traditional to non-traditional. Every one unique and special and beautiful in it's own way.

One of the things she love the most about being a wedding photographer is getting to watch couples grow into families and getting to photograph them as they do. She call them her happily ever after sessions!  She has one of the best jobs in the world and she feels honored to have been trusted with these important events and she would be honored to be included in yours.




Joy and Dina met at Sacramento City College. They both had matching projects in their documentary photography class "Day in the Life of a 5 Year Old" and Day in the Life of a 3 Year Old". So they decided to pair up in business! That was over 15 years ago! They've shot almost all their weddings together. Dina leads the second team and books most their spring and summer weddings.  



Dina loves to show the clients what's happening in her camera!

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A Moment of Joy Photography

Tel: 916.952.2207


Located in Elk Grove

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