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A photograph is …a moment in the present, captured for the future, to look back at the past.

A photographer is… the one who sees all three- in the same moment.

This is my take on wedding photography: precious are these moments, so much so, that a bride will look back on them and remember how happy that day was, how care free her love was, maybe even how small her waistline was when people wouldn't otherwise believe her. These are the moments that a bride and her spouse will look back at when they have a rough patch and they may be forgetting why they ever tied the knot in the first place. Even for some brides, because life is unpredictable, these could be the last memories they have with a mother, or a father, a friend, even their own husband. These are the captured memories that will be passed down to her children, and her grandchildren and the generations to come, to remember who she was or even learn about her for the first time because they never got to meet her. How would you want them to envision this day? Making a decision on your wedding photography is making a decision of how your wedding will be remembered for a lifetime.

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